The majority of vehicles on the road are just that: cars. They and the trucks and trailers on the road represent the majority of drivers. However, there are others who occupy the roads with motorists which include cyclists, motorcycle operators, and occasionally (although it is illegal for them to be on highways and they are not manufactured for this purpose) ATV’s. This means that drivers need to be on the lookout, not just for pedestrians and other vehicles but also for other possible smaller travel conveniences such as bikes, ATV’s and of course, motorcycles.

From that group, those with the greatest propensity for injury are motorcyle drivers. Not only because they lack the outer covering and safety of a vehicle to protect their bodies in a collision, but also from distracted drivers who are not used to sharing the road with them. The truth is that most motorcycle accidents do not occur because of the motorcycle operator’s negligence, but instead because of the carelessness of motor vehicle operators. Most people are not trained to look for motorcycle riders and keep their locations in mind at all times when they are driving on the road with them. This leads to many motorcycles being ‘invisible’ to drivers, sometimes literally because of driver blind spots, but also because of the way in which drivers operate their cars around motorcycles; many times passing too closely.

The duty to be safe and aware is both on the motorcycle riders as well as motor vehicle operators of this country. Both need to take all the necessary safety precautions, follow traffic regulations and maintain alertness while driving. However, the consequences and severity of injury are much greater for motorcycle drivers than for other motorists. There are approximately 3,000 lives lost each year to motorcycle accidents and those who manage to survive are usually faced with disfigurement, serious permanent disabilities and injuries, exorbitant medical costs and property damages. Our car crash attorneys North Dakota have a history of helping victims of accidents recover their health while we recover the damages and compensation you deserve.