Americans love their lawns and enjoy maintaining them. Unfortunately, thousands of people are taken to the emergency room annually due to accidents involving lawnmowers or other landscaping equipment. Over a half a million people are injured by lawn mowers alone each year! Many of these personal injury accidents in North Dakota occur because of maintenance issues, malfunctioning parts or improper use of the equipment. Its imperative for operators of this heavy lawn equipment, including riding lawn mowers, to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for operation and to regularly inspect and maintain their lawn equipment to minimize the possibility of such accidents.

A smaller number of these lawn mower accidents, around 1000 per year, occur due to operator negligence or distraction, often when the driver/operator is backing up. Children are most often the victims injured in these types of accidents and they can result in serious injury or even death. Lawn mower blades hitting and jettisoning debris, injuring others, is also a concern. Lawn mower blades are extremely dangerous and can reach speeds upwards of 200 miles per hour. Other types of accidents that can occur in the yard involve holes in the landscape, cracks in sidewalks or driveways, and hazards caused by chemicals, fertilizers, or poisons used to control plants or bugs. Homeowners should take care to keep their equipment well maintained, cleared from your grounds when not in use to not represent a hazard, and properly store and secure dangerous chemical agents that could result in injury to visitors, neighbors, children or pets.

Even under the best of circumstances people can be hurt in accidents that result in serious injury or even death. If you or someone you know have been the victims of an accident due to the negligent operation or use of a lawn mower or some other piece of equipment, then you may be entitled to compensation of your injuries and damages. Those could include medical expenses, lost wages, and compensation for permanent injuries, among others. In these cases it is important to get good legal advice and learn what options are available to you. North Dakota personal injury attorney, Al Baker, help you evaluate your case and defend your interests in your personal injury claim.