Summer is a time of fun and excitement. Families pack up their vehicles and travel across the country in search of entertainment. Many people take the summer as an opportunity to engage in activities that involve more exertion and personal risks such as swimming in water parks, camping, boating, skiing, visiting amusement parks and the like. Most people never anticipate the dangers of serious personal injury during their summer escapades. But the dangers are very real and persons who are injured or killed as a result of these activities may be able to recover damages or be compensated for their injuries and losses.  If you require a personal injury attorney in North Dakota, please contact us immediately.

Just last month, an amusement park accident made national news where dozens of riders on a roller coaster were suspended for hours in a terrifying collision which put them all in danger. Fairs across America each year attract thousands of people to ride mechanical games and roller coasters, many of which have not had the proper ongoing maintenance and upkeep. This is especially troubling for consumers considering the Consumer Product Safety Commission who was once charged with the safety of amusement park rides, has limited funding and resources to regulate the use of these rides. Furthermore they are no longer responsible for most amusement park rides and are now limited only to mobile rides and games like the kind you find at local and state carnivals.

That is why, in order to avoid injury, parents planning vacations should take a closer look. Start by doing your homework. Research the amusement park, camping ground, water park, or other event facility. Don’t wholly expect to show up somewhere and have all rides in perfect and safe working conditions. Do a walk through and check the rides for wear and tear, ask the operators about the maintenance, and listen and watch the ride operate before you hop on. Make sure you and other passengers observe the rules of the equipment or carnival ride you are using. If you become injured as a result of your own negligence in following safety rules you may even be liable for the injuries of others that may result from you not following safety rules and putting others at risk.

If, despite your best care and research you or someone you love are the victims of an accident or injury this summer resulting from a defective or poorly maintained piece of equipment or ride, make sure you get legal advice. You or your family may be entitled to compensation for any injuries or damages you and your family suffered as a result. Our North Dakota personal injury attorney can evaluate your case and help your family decide the best course of action.